5 Facts About Detox Tea

The so-called “detox” tea has been popular for years among people who resort to alternative ways of losing weight. Are detox teas really working and reliable? Take a look at the 5 facts you should know before you start sipping these teas.

1 – You need to do diet and sports

Nothing alone creates miracles when you lose weight. Miraculous mixtures, popular diets, do not need any medicines that can cause life-threatening problems. It is very easy to lose weight when you consume everything and shrink quantities and increase some movement. The work done puts there changes in the way permanent lifestyle is more effective than diet. Already detox is the main principle of natural nutrition. Detox means that healthy and natural products take place in an adequate and balanced manner, as opposed to the general practice of society. Detox or detox tea is not a weight loss method.

2 – You may be losing water instead of fat

Detox tea may cause water loss by diuretic effect. You lose about 3 grams of water with one gram of muscle loss. So even if you do not lose any fat, losing water can make you feel lighter. But this should not be the target when detox tea is included! When there are few complaints such as edema, excessive bloating and constipation caused by still life, it becomes noticeable in the person. This delicacy can be maintained by paying attention to the regular exercise and nutrition regimen three times a week. Remember: after using detox or slimming teas, your old eating and drinking habits will come back and you will get exactly the same weight you gave them. The important thing is healthy and permanent weight loss.

3 – There may be unwanted side effects

In addition to real tea, detox mixtures can often contain appetite suppressants, plants that stimulate metabolism or help weaken it. One example of this is the cinnamon plant with a natural laxative effect. It can be used temporarily for temporary constipation problems. Prolonged use is not recommended because it can lead to intestinal laxity. And the excessive consumption of this plant potassium, calcium, zinc and phosphorus, may prevent the absorption of certain vitamins by the intestines and may cause muscle spasms. For this reason, it is useful to take a good look at what is inside before you take a product into your body. Even “totally natural” substances can have potential side effects. They can cause negative interactions, especially when they are over-consumed, mixed with other fortified foods or medicines, or consumed by people with pre-existing medical conditions.

4 – Can disrupt your sleep cycle

Detox teas can contain caffeine. As a matter of fact, consuming too much caffeine can be risky and cause insomnia. As a result, inadequate sleep can reverse the attenuation effects brought by the tea. It has been shown that sleeping is caused by eating too much and triggering weight gain, even slowing down metabolism and getting extra calories. The basic rule is to take the caffeine from any food, it is important to consume at least six hours before bedtime. Taking your sleep should be your top priority if you want to lose weight.

5 – Research on detox tea is insufficient

Despite published research on detoxified plants that are frequently found in detox teas, research on these teas themselves and their mixtures is inadequate. This also brings with it unanswered questions about how detox teas really work, how and how they affect, how much they consume, and who should not be consumed. If you are not sure, or if you are interested in starting to drink from these teas, consult your doctor or nutritionist.

We Recommend Red Tea Detox

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These three elements combined create one of the most comprehensive and easy-to-use detoxification programs to date. People all over the world are already using it to lose weight quickly and easily while living a healthier and happier life along the way.

10 Gold Rules of Body Building

The vast majority of people who work in bodybuilding are not able to “thrive”. But if you work right and follow the important rules below, you will not have a problem. The principles I consider here are all important to each other and it will be very good for you.

Remember, if you can not improve, then there is a problem. Otherwise there is no reason you can not improve and you can not gain weight. As far as I can see, people are having problems at most 1, 3, 7 and 8 points.

1) Take 4-5 meals a day, enough protein and calories

Everything About Raw Food Nutrition
Nutrition is a must for bodybuilding. If you have at least 4000 calories per day, endomorphic or mesomorphic, take 3,000 calories per day. Of course, healthy food! If you are endomorphic ie easy to lean, eat carbohydrate consumption of over 150 grams and low glycemic index carbohydrates.

If you get too much fat, reduce your calories or increase if you do not gain weight. Every day 2 g per body weight. Get protein from animal sources. Record everything you eat together with your grams throughout the day and make sure you get calories, protein and other vitamins & minerals!

2) Go to all-body exercises instead of isolation exercises
All body exercises, ie multi-exercises, exercise more than one joint and muscle group. These are Squat, Deadlift, Overhead Press, Bench Press, Romend Deadlifti. Isolation exercises only one muscle group. With multi-exercises, you will soon be running a large part of your body. You lift more and gain more strength, which means more muscle. Multi-exercises also strengthen your joints and strengthen the coordination between the muscles.

3) Stay away from split programs
Split programs are suitable for superior genetics athletes who are in advanced and drug-using programs, ie a day in which a separate zone is run (one day leg, one day biceps, one day shoulders, one day breasts). However, other athletes can make a much better progress with a program that will run their entire body for 3 days a week. Stimulating the muscles once too intensely (such as a split program) will make it difficult to recover. However, the muscles respond much more quickly to stimulation three times a week.

A little more advanced athletes make lower body, upper body splits. They can run their lower bodies and upper bodies twice a week.

4) Do not work two consecutive days
When your muscles are exposed to sufficient load, enough time (that is, when you are working on weight), micro-trauma occurs. This trauma is then repaired by your body so that it will not be damaged the next time you are exposed to the same trauma. So it gets stronger. So you have new muscle.

If you run the same muscle groups for two consecutive days, this repair will not be complete. So give it a day off after you start any muscle group. If you are working with different muscle groups, be sure to relax every 2 days.

5) Get your sleep
As I said in the previous chapter, muscles undergoing micro-trauma are strengthened by repairing, and this repairing process also takes place during sleep. So you sleep 8 hours every day. And stay away from caffeinated beverages (tea, coffee, cola, energy drinks) that will escape your sleep or disturb your sleep quality after 4 o’clock.

6) Take whey protein after every workout
After work, the muscles have been micro-traumatized and require rapid protein synthesis as soon as possible to initiate muscle protein synthesis. Whey protein gets into blood more quickly than all other proteins. At the same time, leucine, the most important amino acid that initiates muscle protein synthesis, is very high in whey protein. For this reason, it is very important to get whey protein after the study.

7) Work hard
If you are writing 8 times for a move, adjust the weight so that after you make 8 reels, you can not make the 9th rehearsal. Otherwise, it is not a benefit for you to make 8 repetitions without being forced to take a simple weight on your hand and write 8 again. In short, each set should “really be tired”.

8) Increase the weight
Muscle builder’s sine qua non 2. Every time you work we increase the weight a little. For example, on Monday you did 50 kg Squat. If you make 50 kg Squat on Tuesday, then your muscles will not grow. On Tuesday you should increase the weight by about 1-2%. So you have to work 51 kg. 52. And you should proceed like this.

For smaller muscle groups, it is better to increase the weight by 1% for each workout in smaller weights. If you do not have small weights in your room, it is up to you to find a solution. For example, you can fill the pet bottles with water and create weights of 500 or 250 grams.

9) Use Creatine
The creatine gives you the energy you need during the study. The substance that powers the case is “ATP”. The ATP comes in three fosfattan squares. When ATP loses a phosphate, it releases energy and another substance called ADP …

At this point, creatine gives a “phosphate” to ADP. And so ADP becomes ATP again and is ready to produce energy. This energy system is very short. For example, when you go under a very heavy weight and do 3-5 reps, you will use this system in a big way.

Using creatine supplements will increase the creatine stores in your body, so you will use this system for a longer period of time.

10) Do not overwork
Much work does not mean more improvement. On the contrary, if you work too hard, your body will not have the time to repair and improve your muscles. Going to the saloon and setting it on the set, doing it over again, running a muscle group with a lot of different isolation exercises will not do you any good but it will hurt you. In the list below you will see how many times per week you need to repeat for specific muscle groups …

What you need to know about protein powders

Protein powders is a product that allows athletes to take the necessary protein daily and quickly. The protein powders recommended by many specialist doctors and dieticians are preferred by the athletes as they accelerate muscle formation in the body.

Scoop of chocolate whey isolate protein in front of three scoops of protein blurred in the background

Benefits of Protein Powders

Protein powder gives energy and power when used regularly and under control. Since the body meets all the protein needs, there is no need for any external nutrients. It also helps to lose weight because it accelerates metabolism.

Dark Side of Protein Powders

The biggest harm of protein powders is overdose. In our daily life we ​​already have a lot of protein that we need from outside. Our body may come to ignore it. However, getting more of the recommended amount to make more and faster muscle unfortunately does not provide it. Due to excess protein, calcium loss and bone erosion are seen in the body. As a result of over consumption, our kidneys and lungs work more than they provide.

Protein Powder Requirements for Athletes

If you are professionally or regularly engaged in sports, your protein needs are much more than a normal person. Most of the time the food is deficient for this need. Especially some sports are more oriented to muscles. Examples of these sports are weight exercises, swimming and boxing. The trick to know about the athlete feeding is the protein.

When to Use Protein Powders

Protein powder is often the first to start taking before workout. This is certainly a correct misunderstanding. Protein dust should be consumed within the first 20 minutes of the workout, not before the workout.

We also see that there is a lot of benefit as there is no harm at the end of the regular and conscious use of protein powder. Protein powder should be taken at the right time, consulting a bone. As a result, you will get the look and health you want.

Everything About Raw Food Nutrition

We have compiled the most curious about Raw Food, a new nutrition movement based on established millions of years ago.

What is Raw Nutrition?

For millions of years human beings were raw before they found fire. Today, raw nutrition is a nutritional trend that gradually affects the world. It is a philosophy of life that is regarded as returning to nature because the first humans are similar to the way of eating, and is regarded as the refinement of the self and purification of the body.

Raw nutrition, in its simplest form, means feeding with uncooked food, ie raw vegetables, fruits, nuts and oil seeds. Raw nutrition philosophy is based on the consumption of foods that have not been cooked or processed.

Why should we consume food raw?

When enzymes disappear together with heat, our bodies are working to produce these enzymes and this extra study is getting tired. The lack of these enzymes can lead to problems such as digestive problems, malnutrition, premature aging or weight gain over time. In addition to the loss of enzymes, many vitamins such as vitamin C, folic acid, and vitamin A disappear with the cooking process. Heat treated minerals in the green are more difficult to absorb, so the body can benefit less from these minerals.

Everything About Raw Food Nutrition2.jpeg

What are the benefits of raw food for health?

Research shows that holding 75% or more raw food provides more energy, improves sleep quality, and helps to lose weight. It strengthens the memory, beautifies the skin, is effective in the treatment of infertility, and other results obtained in different researches on raw nutrition. In addition to all these, raw foods provide benefits such as more vitamins and minerals intake, less work to produce the body’s enzymes, a more energetic life and a stronger immune system.

Which foods should we consume raw food?

In general, 75% of the nutrition of vegetables, fruits, sprouts, unroasted nuts, such as almonds are proposed to be made from oil seeds. If you wait 6-12 hours in the water before eating the seeds and nuts, the movements of the enzymes can be kept alive longer. Adequate water consumption is one of the most important points that should be taken into consideration by those who practice this type of diet. Do not forget to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. However, water should not be drunk during and immediately after meals.

What are the foods that should not be consumed in this form of nutrition?

Alcohol and coffee are among the first to be consumed in this form of diet. If it is tea, it has to be warm and decaffeinated.

Which foods can be consumed in raw food nutrition?

Apple, pear, peach, pineapple, grape, avocado, mulberry, blackberry, strawberry, blueberry, lemon.
Dried mushrooms that can be used fresh like olive oil.
Red cabbage, leafy green vegetables, cucumber, pepper varieties, celery stalk, broccoli, wheat grass.
Chickpeas, kinoa, bulgur, walnuts, almonds, nuts, unroasted pumpkin seeds
Almond milk, sesame oil, linseed, root ginger, fresh or dried organic natural spices.
How is protein requirement being met by raw food?

Studies show that a 10% protein ratio is sufficient to feed. If raw food is not heat-treated, it is possible to make more use of the contained protein. Good quality vegetable protein sources include nuts and other fatty seeds, cereals, dry legumes.

How is calcium and iron needed to be fed raw?

Sesame seed is indispensable for this diet because it contains high calcium. In addition, almonds, broccoli, spinach, red sea grass, seaweed, wheat germ, germinated nuts and seeds are among the sources of calcium in this diet.
Spinach, chard, juice or grape juice, sesame seeds, kaju, broccoli, pumpkin seeds, dried tomatoes, flax seeds are the iron resources of this diet.
Another important part of this diet is vegetable juices. It is possible to get more minerals with vegetable juices.

How long should the raw diet be implemented?

Scientific studies continue to investigate the long-term effects of the Raw food diet. Therefore, it is suggested to apply raw food for 30 days as a cure. Do not forget to consult a dietitian and a doctor before going on this diet!


The first rule is to have a fit body is burning fat. With these 3 gold strategies you will include in your exercises, you can bring your fat burning speed to the top level. I guess there is not one person who is satisfied with the fat in your body … So it is common goal of people to burn fat and those who want to lose weight and just want to tighten without losing weight. Now we will explain the most effective tricks to burn fat!

The First Three Steps for Fat Burning

First, you need to create the most favorable environment for the metabolism of fat molecules. Here’s what you need to do:

Find the calorie span or at least calorie balance.
Keep the metabolic rate as high as possible.
Muscle fibers regularly warn enough violently.
There are two ways to create calorie span; By increasing one’s energy consumption by one with nutrition. Of course one of the most common and effective ways to increase energy expenditure is to exercise.

Cardio exercises are the most effective exercises to create caloric expenditure at the unit, but cardio alone is not enough. It is very important that the weight training as well as the cardio is done regularly. The calories you burn do not always come from the fat, just by making cardio and making the calorie span. If there is no obstacle to the destruction of muscle tissue in the middle, that is, if the body does not think that the current muscle mass is necessary, the muscles will begin to collapse along with the fat. The only way to prevent this is to do regular weight training. Our how to get 6-pack abs article is a good way to start.

In short, both cardio and heavy weight training must be practiced regularly to achieve maximum fat burning.

The Most Effective Strategies to Burn Fat


Here are the strategies you need to practice in your training to burn fat …

Strategy 1:

One of the goals is to build a bigger engine. Because the fuel will naturally increase as the engine grows. In other words, try to increase muscle mass as much as possible so that metabolism works at a higher level. Muscle tissues need energy, and the tissues that cause you to spend extra energy even when you do nothing. Every week, perform rigorous weight exercises for all muscle groups and try to increase or protect muscle mass. It is very important to force yourself enough while doing the exercises, you should always have a hard time doing the last 2-3 rehearsals. If you can do it one more time when the end is over again, then the weight you’re using is not enough.

Strategy 2:

Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC), which means extra oxygen after exercise, means that metabolism remains at a higher level than normal, in other words, increased oxygen and energy use. EPOC can last 24 hours or even longer after training. As the intensity of the exercise increases, EPOC production also increases. If you know that 84% of the fuels come out as carbon dioxide, you will also notice how much EPOC contributes to fat burning. So it is very important that you include the exercises that will enhance the EPOC into your routine. Especially HIIT training will be very useful for maximizing the EPOC.

Strategy 3:

It will also be very useful to make the training metabolic. In weight training, energy is aimed at the machine as far as possible, and the muscle group is operated in the most severe way. In order to burn fat, you need to train your weight during the exercises to raise your heart rate and keep it at that level, and increase the energy you spend. It’s easy to do. For example, in weight training, limit the rest between sets to 30-60 seconds. This will help keep your heart rate high and increase your calories. You can also try interval training exercises. Especially if you are doing these for the first time, you can get very good results. In addition to normal weight training, you can vary your workouts by practicing this kind of workout once a week.

All of these strategies are effective methods for increasing fat burning and protecting muscle mass. But there is a side effect of all of them, and it’s like the waters are going to sweat like a seller! So do not forget to bring an extra T-shirt!

How to Get Six Pack Abs (No Easy Way!)

It’s really possible to have abdominal muscles (abs) in other saying  “6-pack“, like as you see in the magazines. Only discipline and time are required for this! Do you need to pull the shuttle, hungry? What is the role of exercise and nutrition in having 6-pack abdominal muscles? Do you have to work the stomach every day? We distinguish this post from our very curious subject. These are tons of questions about how to get six pack abs. And also some myths with totally wrong beliefs.

A Closer Look to the Abdominal Muscles

3 Abdominal Fields of Action

First, let’s get to know the anatomy of the abdominal muscles. We can roughly study abdominal muscles in three parts: rectus abdominis, external and internal obliques and transverse abdominis.

The external abdominal muscles are deep underneath. These six-part abdominal muscles are starting to become visible from the outside when the body fat is low enough (usually 10% for men and 18% for women). Muscle fibers are arranged from top to bottom. The basic function is to bring the hip bone closer to the rib cage, that is to bend the stem forward. They also help protect internal organs from external bumps.

The abdominal muscles are external obliques and internal obliques, and their main task is to allow the body to move sideways and rotate. When a low fat ratio is achieved, the part close to the bottom becomes visible.

The internal abdominal muscles are under the rectus abdominis muscle group and are not visible from the outside because the muscles are deep. Muscle fibers are wrapped around the spine to tighten like a belt and the main function is to stabilize the spine in place.

5 Myths About 6-Pack

abs, adult, body

After so much anatomical knowledge, let’s go back to the external abdominal muscles that you want to make visible, which is your main position, and first let the legends break down.

  1. You can not make your abdominal muscles visible by driving more abdominal muscles by taking more shuttles, or any other exercise. If you do this, your abdominal muscles will be getting stronger – which is something we want. – But the strengthening of your abdominal muscles does not mean it becomes visible.
  2. It is not possible to make abdominal muscles visible by consuming the foods or supplements that are said to be fat burning.
  3. By detoxing, you can not reveal abdominal muscles by throwing waste or chemicals that are said to have accumulated in your body.
  4. Regional fat burning creams, medicines will not work at all, do not waste money.
  5. Cutting or over-reducing water intake will only cause you to suffer from dehydration and we do not recommend that you put your health in danger.

You start to understand some things I hope. There is no easy and short way for your abdominal muscles to become visible. On the contrary, this road requires a lot of patience and effort. Making your abdominal muscles visible means being disciplined, so start thinking like that. This discipline is about eating more than anything. You ask why? Keep reading!

Why Women Will Get Flat, Silky and Sexy Abs.jpg

Why Men Will Get Ripped, Rugged and Masculine Abs.jpg

Get 6-Pack in 10 Steps

Image result for abs woman

Above we used the phrase “It is found directly under the deep” when defining rectus abdominis muscles. Another tissue just below the skin is fat. The fat tissue is located between the skin and muscle tissue, and in fact this tissue is stored for future use of the unused energy. If this fat tissue is not thin enough (if the body fat percentage is not low enough), it removes the muscles deeply and prevents it from being seen from the outside. If you want to make your abdominal muscles visible, your main goal should be to reduce your body fat percentage!

Here’s what you need to do to succeed:

  1. You will start to lose weight. Of course the kilogram you will give will go as fat mass. For this you will be doing weight and cardio work regularly. Cardio will accelerate metabolism and provide the maximum amount of calories per unit time. Weight training will also help protect muscle mass while losing weight.To lose weight, you will need to calculate the calories you spend on your body during the day and spend the activities. It’s not that hard. Google has calorie content of all foods available, so you can easily find out if you spend about 400-500 calories per day in your body. In this way, you will start to lose weight very quickly.
  2. You should consume plenty of water every day. Try to get up to 3-4 liters a day. Water consumption is very important when weighing!
  3. Limit alcohol or completely cut it. There are plenty of calories in the alcohol, and these calories are not the quality calories we can use for energy. Alcohol also makes it difficult to reach its goal by temporarily stopping fat burning in the body. Cutting alcohol may also require you to limit yourself to certain social activities, be ready for it.
  4. Try cutting desserts, processed foods and especially simple carbohydrates. These too will make progress much more difficult.
  5. Unlike many people believe, you will not cut fat. Approximately 20% of your total calories per day can come from healthy fats. It is very, very important to consume quality oils every day. As an example of quality oils; fish oil, olive oil, almonds and walnuts, as well as fats such as avocado and coconut. Insufficient fat can harm body functions and hormonal balance, which can make it harder to lose weight. Yes you did not hear it wrong, you should consume enough oil to burn fat!
  6. Every night in a dark and quiet room, try to sleep for about 8 hours of good quality and uninterrupted sleep. It is very important to rest your sleeping body and restructure your muscles. Read about our morning workout routine article.
  7. Woman Wearing Red Sports BraExercise hard at least 4 or 5 times a week. Be sure to check with a doctor first and make sure you have a health problem. In weight training, the goal should be to run all muscle groups at least once a week. Do not skip the workouts, but try to work out more than once a day, because this is not necessary. You do not have to work your abdominal muscles everyday. You only need to work 2-3 times a week. Diversify cardio training to get the most effective results. Do both long-term low-intensity and short-duration high-intensity training.
  8. Limit carbohydrates, but do not cut. Especially try to consume immediately after training. Approximately 35-40% of daily calories come from carbohydrates. Try to consume protein, vegetable and quality oils regularly at all meals.
  9. When you go down to the desired level of discretion, that is, when you are satisfied with the appearance of your abdominal muscles, there is one thing you need to do. You need to equal the amount you get and spend by playing with the amount of calories you get during the day, so you will lose weight.
  10. You Need Discipline! All of the above items are aimed at lowering the fat content of your body without disturbing the functioning of your metabolism functions. It is a tough process that can change your eating habits, require psychological adaptations and sometimes even compromise the social environment.

Another point to remember is that all of the above steps should be continued for a long time. I am sure you have lost weight in a very short time by applying strange and unhealthy diets such as “Yogurt and water diet” around you. But most of these people should also see that they are taking these pills back soon. And do not even try to deprive your body of necessary vitamins over long periods. The goal should be to build and sustain a sustainable model of physical, psychological and social aspects. This is a time-consuming process. It is impossible to reach the goal of being rational, stable and stable.

If you are dead serious about getting 6-pack and ready for real workout,  we recommend 6-week abs training course. But let’s be clear; it’s not easy at all!



If the vast majority of the day is spent at the computer, you should definitely take a look at the benefits that pilates have to your life.
The increase in waist-to-back workout causes back, neck and back pain to increase because sitting and staying too long will weaken the back muscles and cause imbalances in the anterior and posterior muscles. As a result, arthritis, muscle tensions, waist and neck hernias and aches, as well as problems such as posture dysfunction, ie, hunchback, spinal curve, waist flatness, become common complaints of table head workers. These pain, which can be treated with exercise and pain relief in the first place, can later become chronic diseases. Especially in stressful working conditions, the best solution is to have a correct sitting pattern and regular exercise.

What are the Benefits of Pilates Provides for All Day Sitting Workers?

Many physiotherapists, physicians and pilates trainers say that people who work long hours at the desk are more affected by muscle and skeletal system disorders than other people. Pilates, which brings a new dimension to the exercise systems of our age, is an exercise system based on fundamental physiotherapy designed to strengthen muscle and skeletal system and increase flexibility. In other words, it is a synthesis of movement systems that support people to gain their own body coordination and domination.

Pilates purpose; postural disorders, muscular, joint, spinal problems, pain relief from stres, and strengthening the immune system. Carpal tunnel syndrome, which is caused by arthritis in the joints, wrist and hand caused by wrists and hands, neck flatness, weight gain due to inactivity, circulatory disturbances are the most common diseases that are most common in long sitting at the computer and can be reduced by pilates and even eliminated completely .


Pilates strengthens the muscles that support the spine and vertebrae, reducing the risk of difficulty and injury, correcting posture, reducing back pain, accelerating healing and preventing recurrence of back pain. Pilates is helping to get away from the stress of the day while at the same time providing effective solutions to problems that arise from long-standing keyboards.

What else do you need to be aware of when working at the desk?

To get the most out of your body damage while working at the table, be sure to have a proper seating pattern as well as the following tips:

  • Always use a pillow to keep your back sitting on the chair and protect your waistline during work.
  • Avoid movements and positions that cause the spine to stretch or bend over to the front and back during work.
  • The computer screen should not be too far away, the screen should be neither too far nor too far below eye level.
  • You should try to keep the knees at a 90-degree angle.
  • Give breaks during the day and recreate and restore opportunities to muscle and joints.
  • You should change seat settings now. Since the seat adjustment joints also change position, you can prevent muscle strains and strains caused by your seat.

YogaBurn Fitness System For Women


When you go to the gym, if you are only cardio, you should definitely listen to the benefits of power exercise.
Some of us might think that power exercises are only for athletes, but the truth is not at all! Even if you are not a professional athlete, there are many reasons for adding strength training to your fitness program. Remember, power exercise is not only necessary to be stronger or more muscular, but also to have a healthier body. What other benefits are there?

You have a perfect body and you feel good
With power exercise, calories are burned more efficiently than with cardio exercise, with the level of endorphin rising. You can also be confident that you will gain confidence with your new look. Like having a bikini body for women, or big muscles for men.

Sleep better
The American Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that regular power exercisers do not fall asleep in a shorter period of time and have a better quality of sleep.

Decreases aging process
According to a study conducted at Duke University, due to the strength exercise, as you get older, the metabolic rate decreases.

Be stronger
According to the American Sports Medicine College, increasing your muscle strength makes you more resistant to injury, and stronger bones make you more resistant to the development of osteoporosis.

You can protect your weight
Maintain body weight by performing regular strength exercises, and significantly reduce the risk of obesity or diabetes.

When you go to another sports center, relax in the lift area. Try new exercises and create a regular exercise routine for your body. Especially having a habit of morning workout routine is a must. Remember, power exercise is for everyone, not only for sportsmen!


Follow these suggestions in order to adapt the workout to the flow of life in the morning and make it a habit.
If you want to put your body in form, you should definitely take part in workout in the course of your daily life. Some research shows that if you go to the gym for at least 4 days a week for 6 weeks it becomes a habit. When can you workout? We generally prefer evening hours because we all know how indispensable sleep is in the morning. However, although it is a good idea to do workout after a busy day or school day, we know that you might want to go straight home and throw yourself to bed at the end of the day.

If you want to keep your workout routine in the morning, you can do it by considering these 10 recommendations we will give you.

Buy private lessons: We are psychologically guilty when we do not fully evaluate anything we pay. The same goes for sports. It is observed that those who pay money for sports have more continuity.

Play with a professional: The presence of someone who will motivate you while you’re workout and help you reach your goal is not bad. In this regard, you can get support from a personal tutor. If you do not want to keep a budget for it, you can workout with a friend.

Early sleep: When you sleep after midnight, you will not be able to keep the saying, “I will get up at 6 in the morning,”. If you want to be fit and have enough energy to do sports, sleep for about 7 hours on average.

Prepare sports clothes in the evening: If you want to be more motivated for workout in the morning, you can prepare your clothes in the evening. It will also save you time!

Run: Running a no-run marathon is of course not logical. Everyone can register for open runs and prepare yourself until that day. This will be a good motivation for you.

Sleep on the curtains: The sunshine of the curtains will be the natural alarm. It is not possible to wake up while the sunlight is filling the room. As another alternative, you can unlock the lights of the room that wakes up.

Set a goal: Do you want to shape your arms? Do you have a 5 km run goal? Set your goal clearly and then do it.

Simplify morning routine: Wake up in the morning and try to consume coffee as soon as possible. Prepare your lunch one night in advance. So you’ll have time in the morning.

Set up more than one alarm and leave the phone away from the bed: Is not it difficult to get up at first alarm? More than one alarm that sounds at frequent intervals will disturb you and you will have to stand up from the line to silence the phone you can not reach immediately.

Avoid eating heavy meals before sleeping: heavy meals you consume before sleep reduce your sleep quality. If you want to wake up, you should watch it.


It’s summer, and all women want to look good in their bikinis. If you have such an objective, we will have some special advice for you. Now prepare the SPF 30 sunscreen, stay away from carbohydrates and start the sporting routine that will result in a short time. Right now!

Shape to Muscles
The more you can shape your muscles, the better you look in your bikini. Burpee and Crunch will be very helpful in this regard. It is ideal to do 4 reps each time it will be 45 seconds.

Extend the duration of your moves
Especially in the region of the back to shape the movements in the 45-60 seconds band. The important thing is not to do it again, but make sure you run your muscles well every time.

Do not forget to do cardio
The cardio speeds up the blood flow and makes the muscles ready for development. You will have a much more effective result than your training after the heat.

Jumping is both a muscle and a cardio activity because it provides faster calorie burning. In 8 minutes, jump to the highest level you can jump for 20 seconds, rest for 10 seconds.

HIIT Preference Training
If you want to lose weight, high-tempo intermittent cardio (HIIT) is exactly for you. HIIT is one of the most effective exercises in fat burning and is also very effective in tightening your legs. You can shape your legs with HIIT training for 16 minutes. Start by doing lunges for 30 seconds. After a minute of rest, get on your bike training. Practice 10 seconds and rest for 20 seconds and do 8 repetitions.